【STOP・中止】Wonderful Iwami Tabi (広島⇔浜田ワンコインバス促進キャンペーン)


Wonderful Iwami Tabi (広島⇔浜田ワンコインバス促進キャンペーン)
Wonderful Iwami Tabi (広島⇔浜田ワンコインバス促進キャンペーン)


Receive a special gift when you visit Iwami using the 500 Yen Bus!
Hiroshima-Hamada 500 Yen Bus Promotion Campain.

【Campaign Period】

August 1st, 2021(Sun.) ~ September 30th, 2021(Thu.)

【How To Get?】

1 Purchase a ticket at the places specgield below and complete the survey.
  Show your residence card or foreign passport at JR Hiroshima Station(Shinkansen Exit),
  Hiroshima Bus Center, or Iwami Kotsu-Hamada Ekimae Information Desk
  to purchase your ticket. Receive the survey and fill it out.
  ★Check out the information → https://kankou-hamada.or.jp/archives/13327

2 Exchange your survey at Hamada Station for a special gift.
  You can exchange your completed survey at Hamada City Tourist Information
  Center for a local specialty product recommended by the staff.


Iwami Tourism Promotion Committee
TEL 0855-29-5647 (Weekdays 8:30~17:15)
URL https:www.all-iwami.com/en/
E-mail iwami-inbound@pref.shimane.lg.jp